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Pray for snow!!


Our ski-togethers run through the season.  This is a loosely organized, fun opportunity to ski with a supportive group of like-minded women and enjoy the WoW spirit.

Ski-Together's are "just show-up with a smile" -- no sign-up and no fees.  Meet inside the at the Octagon between10-10:15 AM.  If you're late, watch for us and look for WoW stickers on helmets, take a run and look for us in the Quad line.  Ski 'til noon or beyond.  That's it. This is not about skiing hard and steep and fast.  Some may opt to go down a trail and others another way.  Meet at the designated lift for the next run or divide into groups depending on terrain preferences.  Come and go as you please.


Women Of Winter will coordinate the ski-together's.  Please let us know if you’re willing to volunteer to help with Ski Together's!!

2023- 2024 Ski-Together Scheduled Dates

"Just show-up with a smile." No sign-up and no fees. Be outside the Meet inside the at the Octagon between10-10:15 AM -  if late look for WoW stickers on helmets at the top or in the quad line  The group will wait no more than 5 minutes past the above times. Mark your calendars -- 

Tentative Dates for Ski Togethers

  • Thurs Jan 18

  • Wed Jan 31

  • Thurs Feb 15

  • Mon Mar 4

  • Thurs Mar 21

  • Wed Apr 3

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