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Half-Day Ski Clinics

CCAT- (as in agile like a cat) Challenge, Confidence, Adventure, Tactics

This season WoW will continue the clinics.  WoW has the commitment of PSIA Certified Level 3 ski instructors  to be our regular coaches and to provide regular individual feedback to aid in developing your individual skiing abilities and take them to the next level.

Our first WoW ski clinic was December 2017. 


“The first clinic with Jessica was, dare I say, transformative. Sometimes you pick up one little piece of instruction that can change your skiing. Jessica finally helped me understand how to stop fighting the mountain and instead use the slope to control my speed. I can't wait for the January clinics!”

Please note: Each clinic will focus on one of the five ski fundamentals and progressively blend them together. This year we will, challenge with confidence, have adventures and use techniques all around the mountain. POPUP clinic for a powder clinic Pray to The Snow Gods.

WoW has been allowed (10) participants per clinic this season at a cost of $672 for 3 hours or $499 for 2 hours  we have wonderful level 3 instructors that help us get rid of bad ski techniques and move up our confidence and skiing to the next level.

WoW Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be received at least three (4) days prior to the morning of the clinic since there will be a reservation that goes along with your registration. There will be no refunds after the due date unless the clinic is completely cancelled because WoW is obligated for the total payment of $672 for 3 hours or $499 for 2 hours for reserving these expert instructors through the ski school. Weather, good or bad, is always an issue in Stowe so assume all things are a go unless notified.

2023- 2024  Half-Day Ski Clinic Scheduled Dates

Click on date to go to registration page

All clinics -- 9 AM to 11 or 12PM


MoM's are welcome at all clinics.


  • Register Under Upcoming Activities Page-Alpine Ski Registration or click the above dates to register

  • Make sure we received your registration. Please email us after you register:

Checks must be received 4 days prior to class date.

Checks payable to: "Women of Winter WoW," and mailed to or dropped off at:  UPS Store 112 South Main St,Box #199, Stowe, VT 05672

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